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Step by step instructions to make sure your installation is as easy as possible. Have your sign installed in as fast as 20 minutes. You can do this!

Installation Instructions

Tools Required

  • Address + threaded rods (included)
  • Installation template (included)
  • Hammer Drill (for brick and masonry) or regular drill
  • 7/32” drill bit
  • Ladder
  • Tape Measure
  • Heavy Duty Tape (Preferably Duct tape)
  • Silicone or Construction adhesive
  • Safety Goggles
  • Hearing Protection


Step 1: Prepare all tools and measure the area of installation. Mark the center of the area with a vertical strip of tape. 

Step 2: Place the template on the wall. The vertical line on the template is the center of the address. 

Step 3: Measure, level the address on both sides. The horizontal line on the template can be used as a leveling guide. Secure the template with a heavy duty tape.

Step 4: Double check level, and drill all holes with a 1/4” bit (Ensure the holes are drilled as straight as possible) 
Step 5: Remove installation template (Dot recycle the template yet) and remaining tape from the wall. Use caution when removing the tape if applied to delicate areas such as paint or stucco.

Step 6: Using the provided studs, use your hand to thread the pins into the back of the letters until tight. 

Step 7: Match the address to their corresponding holes. Do not force the address in as this may damage the product. If the address has difficulty going in, remove the address and redrill the hole. Push the sign in to the holes (without any adhesive) to make sure everything fits right.

Step 8: After dry fitting the letters, apply construction adhesive or silicone into the drilled holes and put the letters back in.

Step 9: Remove the vinyl protective layer on address with your finger nails (This may not come off very easily as it is there to protect the sign)

Step 10: Finished!