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Step by step instructions to make sure your installation is as easy as possible. Have your sign installed in as fast as 20 minutes. You can do this!

Step 1

Using our online design software. Choose from our many modern font options and we'll create and ship your masterpiece.


Step 2

Gather supplies: house numbers, template, Threaded rods, (not included: tape, caulk, drill, Measuring tape). Masonry, concrete, and stone installations may require a hammer drill.

Step 3

Twist in the provided threaded rods into the mounted spacers on the back of the letters. Use pliers if needed.

Step 4

Measure and tape template at desired location. Use the guide lines on the template for measurements. DO NOT use the paper edge as a guide line for measurements.

Step 5

Use a 1/4" drill bit for your specific surface. Drill straight holes as close to the middle of your circular drill marks and carefully remove the template.

Step 6

Dry fit your sign into your drilled holes. If the holes are too loose and the letters are not holding. Wrap a small piece of tape around the threaded rod as a temporary shimming.

Step 7

Using any all purpose outdoor caulk, apply a generous coating to the threaded rods and affix the sign to your installation surface.